we i have a fun day i wont tell u what happend secret

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hehe im bored super lol i just came back to school and its boring hehehe but know its not time to get ur finger clicking hehehehe

Hello I am kyzen and im a teenager and i live in manila and i study at SSHS i remember my first day of school it was jun 15 2009 and there was a funny thing happend to me back there there was my classmate he/she gave me a water and i was glad because it was free but when im drinking it many people laught at me and afther i finished the water they told to me there was a salt on it and i was angry buy i forgive him/her then afther an hour i was thinking to revenge but not that harsh i was puting a glue on a paper then i told he/she that i wanted to shakehands then we did afther that i go to the back of the classroom and i was looking on him/her in front then i saw him/her touching him/her ear then when him/her saw his hands it was full of glue afther that him/her didnt not notice that i did that to him/her and now il try to tell him of the end of the june HEHE